Customer issues

Do I need to place a minimum number of orders per month? No. There is no minimum. You can just make one order a year!
How early should I book a courier? You only need to book 30 minutes in advance if the first delivery is within travel zone 1, one hour in advance if in travel zone 2 and 1.5–2 hours if further out of.
How can I book a delivery?

There are three ways: using the online form on our website, by phone or API.

How do I know that the courier is from Bombax and not from somewhere else?

The courier will ask you to sign in the app on his/her smartphone. In addition, the courier will contact you before arriving at the address so you will be able to identify him/her.

How we work

Do you pack the goods? No, the courier will deliver the goods in the same packaging they were collected in.
How do you work with online stores? We have tried to answer all your questions about delivering for online stores here.