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India’s $215 billion logistic industry is fragmented, inefficient and disorganized and the services offered are limited in scope, rigid in execution and opaque in terms of pricing.
Bombax was launched in 2017, with the focus on addressing the gap in the Indian logistic industry, specifically in the C.E.P. segment which is dominated by 2-3 large players and hundreds of small regional players (leading to fragmented services).
Bombax aims to address this gap by providing Innovative Products + Differentiated Service + seamless technology integration to meet customer expectations.
Bombax initially set up 4 hubs in 2017 and has grown exponentially since then. Bombax currently operates in 35 cities with its own offices and manpower and has a wide network of partners that cover the rest of India (through its digital portal).
The Bombax Team is focused on making the company a dominant logistic player in India, by offering agile and customized Forward and Reverse logistic solutions, by setting up world-class supply side infrastructure across the country.




Chaitanya Sinh


Faisal Siddiqui


Rayomand Unwala


Feryuz Patel

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Our Mission

Bombax’s MISSION is to establish an agile, Pan-India, full-service supply-chain network, that connects smaller airports to rural distribution hubs, to offer flexible and reliable shipping options via it’s digital platform.

Our Vision

Bombax’s VISION is Sustainable Growth- which will be achieved by creating a continuous cycle of supply chain innovation: Finding ways to provide faster services + wider reach to service the increasingly complex demands of businesses and customers

Network Effect

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