Bombax Trends : Hindsight is 20:22

January is supposedly the month of passage and new beginnings (derived from the Roman God Janus – who has two heads –one looking in the past and the other at the future). And whilst Bombax in 2023 continues to build out its physical infrastructure covering regional airports and rural distribution hubs, it is incumbent on us to analyze our performance over the past year (2022) and set targets for the year ahead…

Challenges Faced : 2022


  • During the last 5 years, Bombax has had to invest in creating physical infrastructure on the supply-side to be able to deliver flexible shipping options offered on its’ tech-platform on the demand-side.
  • This has been a slow process as it has been funded by the promoters in the early stages, and from profits only recently.
  • This organic growth has allowed Bombax to keep expanding its network (and clients) and strive for profitability but has also limited the growth and expansion rate due to limited resources.

All in all, it was a rough year…

  • War in Europe and rising tensions and fuel prices.
  • All time high Fed interest rates and recessionary pressure in the U.S. (and the rest of the world).
  • Chaos in China and disruption of supply chains.
  • Tech bubble burst (valuations took a tumble).
  • Polarization of people and politics.
The above factors (and many others) have created an environment of uncertainty which is never ideal for deployment of risk-capital – however we believe that it is in these trying times that strong contenders emerge – and we hope to be amongst those that rise to the challenges ahead!

Bombax Trends : 2022 – 2023

When we look at some of the data points from the last year and compare it with our current year (MTD) data – it highlights our focus areas and priorities.


Looking Ahead

  • We are razor-focused on our mission to build out an agile and efficient supply-side network across India that connects smaller regional airports with RDH’s.
  • We are in the process of raising capital so that we can accelerate our growth and offer pan- India coverage by 2024.
  • We are building expertise and gaining reputation in the ‘Forward’ and ‘Reverse’ movement of high-value shipments in critical sectors (IT / Engineering / Retail etc.)
  • We are building and launching our PUDO Portal to “organize the disorganized” on a pan-India level – giving our partners the tools to provide transparency, efficiency, and visibility to their services in rural India.
  • We are engaging with demand-side aggregators to leverage our supply-side capabilities to gain traction and scale.
  • Our team is enjoying the challenges and looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.