Our core focus is on customer satisfaction that we hope to derive from using our in-house delivery team as well as our proprietary technology platform. However we do understand that there could be instances when our service levels may not meet client expectations, and in those select cases where the dissatisfaction is due to service failure on our part – we will consider a full / partial refund on a case to case basis.

Our Cancellation Policy:

1. Customer can cancel the order at any time before the pick-up of the order has been completed by an assigned Delivery Associate (DA) responsible for carrying out the order. This would mean that the cancellation has to happen before a delivery agent has been “assigned” for the pick-up or before the delivery agent has “picked-up” the consignment.
2. If the order is cancelled after the delivery agent has picked-up the consignment, NO refund will be initiated.
3. Customers can avail of the cancellation options in the “Software” i.e. the app or web portal of the company.
4. For cancellations with help of Customer Support agent please contact the numbers displayed on the website or send an email quoting the order number and grievance. Our customer service team will attend to these only within working hours.
5. In the event there are to be any refunds, cancellations fee will be applicable on the orders:

  • In case the order was cancelled after confirming the order but before a DA was assigned, then Rs. 50 cancellation charges will apply, and the balance amount paid (if any) will be refunded.
  • In the event the order was cancelled after a DA was assigned but before he arrived at the pick up location, then Rs. 100 cancellation charges will apply, and the balance will be refunded.
  • In the event the order was picked up and then cancelled, there will be no refund and the charges for the delivery will stand forfeited.
  • In case of cash payment made for the services, the cancellation charges + delivery charges for delivering the cash back to the customer will be deducted and then the balance cash will be returned.
  • In all the above cases, if the amount paid is less than the cancellation amount, there will be no refund and the booking amount will be adjusted accordingly as cancellation amount.

Our Refund Policy:

Refunds will be initiated after we receive a confirmation from the investigative team and receive their positive feedback that there was no discrepancy in the booking information and that the cancellation was genuine. The refund will be initiated after deducting the cancellation charges and paid back via customer wallet balance in form of credit note, or into their credit card account or directly to Customer bank account within 7 working days.