How do I make a booking?

Please enter your origin address in the “From” and destination address in “To” to get a rate for the shipment. You can also choose the type of service available for the shipment as well as the type (Doc / Parcel) and the mode (Air or Surface). Thereafter you can proceed to fill in all other details in the form and proceed to “create order” which will lead you to the payment gateway. After making a successful payment you will get a confirmation with the Airway Bill number (AWB) which can be used to track the status and download the proof of delivery (POD).

Sometimes the rate doesn’t show and I get an error? Why is this?

We are using the google API for capturing the address that auto populates the pincode in the booking form. In the event that you get an error when booking – it is probably because the google API is not capturing the pincode accurately – therefore please redo the booking using just the pincode in the origin and destination and then fill up the other details in the form to complete the booking. Please save the address in the APP to use for future use so that you do not have to enter all the details again.

What are Cut Off Timings?

Some of the time definite services have cut off times associated with them. In the event you cannot make a booking for that service on that day because you have missed the cut off time – please choose the next date to make the booking.

What cities / areas do you service?

We deliver to 15000+ pincodes across India. As of today, we have facilitated pick-ups in the top 10 Indian cities for Domestic & International shipments. If you do not fall into these initial 10 cities for pick up – the service will not allow you to book at this point. However please be patient, we will be expanding our pick-up network shortly to include all cities within India.

For Local bookings, we are launching the service city by city and area by area. If local deliveries are not available in your city or area currently, please be patient – we will be coming soon!

What is 'Doc' and 'Parcel'?

A “Doc” is classified as a non-commercial paper-based consignment that has no value and is not dutiable including general correspondence, books, stationary etc. The total weight of the shipment should not exceed 3 kgs in weight.

A “Parcel” or Non-Doc is all other shipments and printed materials of value. Examples include clothing, automobile parts, sports equipment, books, etc. All non-document international shipments require a commercial invoice and KYC documents to successfully ship.

What is your Pricing based on and when will my shipment be delivered?

Local Shipments:

We calculate the Price / Rate based on Speed + Distance + Weight

For Same Day Deliveries our delivery associate will pick up and deliver the shipment within 1-4 hours of the order

For Next Business Day Deliveries we will pick up the shipment and deliver it the next day

Domestic Shipments:

We calculate the Price / Rate based on Speed + Distance + Weight

For Same Day bookings we will pick up and deliver the shipment within 12-18 hours of the order, provided the cut off time has not been missed (example: Pick up in Mumbai by 9 am and Delivery in Delhi by 10 pm)

For Next Business Day bookings we will pick up the shipment and deliver it the next business day (anytime during working hours). Sundays and Bank Holidays are not “business days”.

For Standard bookings we will deliver the shipment within 2-4 working days depending on the destination pincode.

International Shipments:

We calculate the Price / Rate based on Destination Pincode + Weight

We use only the best international carriers and provide carrier tracking details within 4-6 hours of the pick up.

When booking International shipments, it is up to you to ensure that the destination address does not fall in a “remote area”. If it does, additional charges will apply. Please check the destination against our “remote Area Pincode”.

Also, KYC documents are required for all international shipments.

What is Volumetric Weight and how does it affect my booking? Why should I enter dimensions of my parcel?

Volumetric weight refers to the overall size of a parcel and is measured in volumetric kilograms. Volumetric weight can be calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of a parcel (in cm) and dividing that figure by 4500.

The price of your shipment is dictated by the actual weight of the parcel OR the volumetric weight of your parcel(s), whichever is higher.

We have provided a volumetric weight calculator on our APP so that when making a booking you can calculate the Volumetric Weight as compared to the Actual Weight, and input the higher of the two weights when making a booking. It is incumbent on you to make an accurate booking with the higher weight.

Should you enter the wrong (lesser) weight in the booking form, this will be rectified by our Delivery Agent at the time of Pick Up and any difference in price will have to be settled in cash / online payment before delivery is done.

What are the benefits of creating an account on your app?

It is better to create an account as it allows you some enhanced features:

1) It auto-fills the pick up details

2) It allows you to save addresses and easily use them when making bookings

3) It provides you with a dashboard to view all active and past orders as well as download invoices

4) It allows you to rate the service

Do you do bulk deliveries by Van?

Yes, we can deliver anything anywhere! We have a range of commercial vans, trucks and even temperature controlled vehicles to meet your requirements. Get in touch with us via email.

Do you have Corporate Rates for regular business?

Yes. Please reach out to our team and we can help you with a business account.

How can I cancel / change my order?

Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled or changed without a charge. Please read “cancellations & refunds”. Also please call our call center for assistance.

What is 'Secure Your Parcel' and when should I use it?

Secure your parcel basically is “insuring” your shipment against loss or damage by paying 2% as insurance premium. Please read the insurance terms and conditions carefully and then use this service.

Who is responsible if my shipment is spoiled during transportation or the packaging is damaged?

We are not responsible for spoilage of goods whilst in transit or for packaging of such shipments. It is the sole responsibility of the sender to ensure that the packaging is robust enough to weather the journey. Our suggestion is to not send delicate or perishable items that can easily spoil such as cream cakes / fragile items. We do not take any responsibility of such spoilage / damage whatsoever. Please reads the terms and conditions on the website carefully.